Commonly Asked Questions.

Is it going to be expensive or a hassle to onboard BookaSlot?

Not at all. With a monthly license fee starting at just S$198/month/outlet including FREE SMS alerts so you dont have to have to hassle of topping up SMS credits, BookaSlot is super affordable. And we have a package that will help you take care all of the setup and training for you, including migrating your present customer information.

How is BookaSlot different from other similar platforms?

We are not a POS system: Unlike other platforms, BookaSlot's algorithm takes into account your business's variables to produce very accurate real-time bookings. Like a robot, the system centrally and autonomously manages your bookings, whether its online, phone or walk-in bookings, with very little input from you.

Highly Customizable: BookaSlot is modular and highly customizable. What this means is whether you are a small hair salon or a multinational spa conglomerate, BookaSlot can be customized to fit your business's needs.

How does accurate real-time bookings benefit my business?

Hands Free: From customer data management to payment, accurate booking data is key to automatically update the other features in the system. Allowing you a handsfree approach when it comes to managing your front desk.

Productivity Increase: Problems tasking staff to cover front desk duties will be a thing of the past. Our awesome early adopters have reported an estimated 70% increase in productivity at the front desk and 23% increase in overall operations.

Increase in productivity is great, but how about bringing me new customers to grow my business?

We all know how consumers' buying habits are evolving rapidly. And we all know the importance of having an online presence to acquire them. With a reliable system to centrally, accurately and autonomously receive and manage your bookings, your business can now take part in not just one but numerous online marketing platforms like directory, blogs and even deal sites without having to coordinate bookings from various sources like emails and SMSes.

How would this benefit my customers?

Customers want it: 80% of working professionals interviewed have expressed decisions for such services come to mind during lunch, night or weekends. Times when your salon is normally extremely busy. With BookaSlot, your customers can manage their bookings anytime directly on their mobile. 

More Customer Loyalty: 65% of business owners believe customer loyalty is between their stylist/therapist and the customers instead of the brand. Such a relationship is unhealthy for the business because when a stylist/therapist leaves for another establishment, most of the stylist’s regular customers leave with them. Allowing customers to manage their own bookings is the first step for businesses to build a direct relationship with the customer. Future CRM activities would help enhance this relationship.

My salon’s internet connection gets disconnected sometimes. Will it disrupt my operations?

No it won’t! BookaSlot works both online as well as offline with 0% downtime.

I'm worried the system is too complex for my staff to use.

Anyone who can use a smart phone will be able to use BookaSlot. We continuously take much effort in streamlining our user experience to make sure anyone can use the system with ease.

Customer Happiness is our Priority.

We would love to meet and show you what else BookaSlot can do. Please feel free to contact us and we'll pop by to give a full demonstration.