4 Tips For Improving Your Salon Business

Posted by Max Cheong

Your salon business may be running smoothly most of the time, and everyone seems busy enough. But even if you have a successful business today, there’s no guarantee of that success continuing into the future. You need to continually update your practices and keep up with trends in order to stay successful. Here are some tips from some of our customers for ensuring future business success. 

Tip #1: Use Tech to allow your customers to "Buy" your services online
The digital economy is here. Your customers' buying habits have gone online. They buy clothes, groceries and order food online, but more than 90% of salons still require their customers to call to make a booking.
Use available tech to acquire your customers online. Acquiring your customers immediately online locks them in. Research have shown that 7 out 10 busy working adults have expressed they would stick to a booking once it is made to avoid complications.

Tip #2: Increase Customer Retention
One of the best ways to improve your salon business is to make your current customer base happy.
- It’s easier and a whole lot cheaper to keep a current salon customer than it is to get a new one. And, happy customers are repeat customers.
- A content customer is a great brand ambassador.

By constantly soliciting feedback from your customers, you can immediately recover an unhappy customer or improve current offerings. Offer your customers exquisite customer service at all times to increase customer retention. And, in turn, you’ll see your business improve.

Tip #3: Have an online presence.
We already talked about how your current customers can be your brand ambassadors. They can broadcast the good news about your salon through word of mouth, and in the digital economy, this mostly refers to social media. It is now imperative that your brand has some sort of presence on either if not all of these platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Search. These platforms allow your customers to find and recommend you.

Tip #4: Invest in Your Staff
In a salon, your customers are coming to people more than the salon. If your customer likes their stylist, they’ll likely follow this person anywhere. This is why it pays to invest in your staff. To keep from losing employees, and in turn customers, take care of them and work to enhance employee morale. Nurture and reward your employees. Provide ongoing training. Offer competitive pay and benefits and be responsive to their needs. Use technology to lighten their workload so that they can focus on their main responsibilities. Consider monthly or quarterly get-togethers so you can socialize and to promote teamwork. This is a great way to improve your salon.