Tips to write Facebook posts for your salon

Posted by Jenn

Facebook is still the go-to social media platform beauty salons use to engage their customers and is also usually the first place new customers get in touch with your brand. This is important.

So let’s get straight down to business.

First, what not to write on your salon Facebook
Too many salons use their business Facebook as they would their personal profile page at home. This is a mistake. Don’t confuse ‘personality’ with ‘personal information’. People do not want to hear about your fancy new car, holiday or what you munched for breakfast. They just don’t. And if you keep ramming it down their throat they’ll just hit the ‘Unlike’ button.

What Facebook posts work best for hair and beauty salons?

Quality over quantity wins every time when it comes to Facebook
It’s better not to post than put something up which is irrelevant or slapdash. Spelling and grammar mistakes reflect badly on your salon business. They make you look sloppy and lacking an eye for detail – not attributes you want in someone who is cutting your hair or waxing your legs.

Offer useful hair and beauty information
Hair or beauty tips always work well. Weave in a subtle reference about a product but don’t make the post one big ‘sell’. It's always a put off when someone is trying to hard sell you something. 

Keep salon Facebook posts short and sweet
Less is more. People tend to skim read Facebook posts so be brief and to the point if you want to get read.

Once you’ve written your post, re-read it carefully ( I find reading aloud is good) to see if you can make it shorter and more punchy.

Include a call to action
Always tell people what you want them to do having read your salon post – Like us, Share, Book Now. You get the idea. Studies have shown that if you allow customers to contemplate, the chances of acquiring that customer drops to 60%.

Finally, remember if you’re going to market your salon on Facebook it’s worth spending time getting it right.